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A different future is waiting for us.

A different future is waiting for us. A welcome challenge for some, an unwelcome nightmare for others. But different all the same. That’s what change is about! The pandemic is often mentioned as a game-changer. Which I think is wrong. Most of the trends that are spoken about today were already there – and noticeable [...]
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In most countries pet food is seen as a necessity of life; as is human food. This means there are no barriers for its sales, lockdown or no lockdown. The main question is: will specialty outlets (pet shops etc.) stay open or not? In a lot of countries only supermarkets and pharmacies are allowed to […]

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Cellular agriculture

Only recently I came across some information about cellular agriculture. The popularised short version seems to be cell-ag. For me this is an extremely intriguing development. I was aware of the developments of cultured meat or lab meat; or whatever one wishes to call it. But it goes much further than that. It’s about nature […]

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The quest for so-called novel proteins is incessant and more shared than ever before. For a great variety of reasons. Nutritional ones, ecological ones, economic ones, sustainability ones. And a few more.

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Trends again!

In our optimism we tend to focus on upward trends, conveniently ignoring the downward ones. Let alone the ones that have faded into oblivion. And as we know, sooner or later most trends are destined to be countered by anti-trends. This I believe tells us something about the sustainability of trends in general.

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In one of Debbie Phillips-Donaldson´s (Petfood Industry) recent articles about trends, the last paragraph caught my eye. New standards for super-premium were mentioned (note: not by Debbie herself, she quoted somebody else). I read that with mixed feelings. Jealousy because there seem to be standards for super-premium I wasn´t aware of and joy because super-premium had become […]

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Hereafter a reaction to a post in Pet E-news. About what people know and understand re. the use of “scientific” language. I wish to concur with Peter’s point of view. Digestibility may not be in everybody’s daily vocabulary, but I am convinced that it means the right thing to quite a lot of people.

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Unexploited wealth.

Over the years people in any industry have ideas concerning their activity. Whether product or business or systems or processes, just ideas. Sometimes these ideas get executed. In most cases however they don’t. For a variety of reasons. Too early = market is not ready, too complicated, not doable because of the state of technology. […]

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