“The longer term starts today.” (Marcel Blok, 1993) Nothing is more killing for business than acting today without your long-term goals in mind. Don’t use the longer-term as an alibi for postponement!

Open Minds

The competitive advantage of the company you lead resides in its ability to constantly generate sustainable improvement of its performances. Which is easier said than done and yet of vital importance to achieve growth.

Each business or organisation is organized to obtain the results it gets … or deserves! However:
  • some company owners use the lion’s share of their time to extinguish yesterday’s fires. In the mean time their competitors think and talk future
  • others feel lonely at the top, because they lack a meaningful sounding-board
  • still others cannot see other roads than the familiar one
  • being at the crossroads leads to confusion and therefore indecisiveness.
  • and does this one ring a bell? “My business is doing so well, I don’t need strategy.”

Why have Open Minds help you?

  • We make you take a fresh and inspiring look at your business environment which will unveil unprecedented opportunities to boost your business.
  • We show you ways to leverage your strengths in a fashion that has not yet been exploited.
  • We recommend you how to position your brands with the aim to achieve a sustainable competitive differentiation getting you out of the common blur.
  • we are committed to the work we are doing; your challenge is not just another project.
  • We help you to communicate in surprising ways to make your products meaningful and desirable for your targets.
  • We make your discover efficient tools to create loyalty to your brands and products.
  • We are as driven by result as you are.

What do we offer?

  • strategic thinking and planning at business and at brand-level
  • translating strategic plans into detailed and actionable operating plans
  • providing support in the execution of the plans
  • monitoring the execution of the plans and providing guidance to stay on course



If you feel you have a firm grip on the steering wheel, let us be your roadmap!



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    Marcel Blok is the sole owner of Change Stranamics. The main activity of the company is to act as advisor to players in the global pet industry. This advice will primarily be strategic in nature and aims to help companies and its owners to find and stay on the road to a sustainable future.


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