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Hereafter a reaction to a post in Pet E-news. About what people know and understand re. the use of “scientific” language. I wish to concur with Peter’s point of view. Digestibility may not be in everybody’s daily vocabulary, but I am convinced that it means the right thing to quite a lot of people.

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Unexploited wealth.

Over the years people in any industry have ideas concerning their activity. Whether product or business or systems or processes, just ideas. Sometimes these ideas get executed. In most cases however they don’t. For a variety of reasons. Too early = market is not ready, too complicated, not doable because of the state of technology. […]

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Stepping out of the box.

Only recently Debbie Phillips-Donaldson (PFI) wrote a blog about the decreasing relative value of pet food. At least, that is how I read it. On the one hand continued premiumisation boosted the value of the market, on the other like for like volume dropped slightly in value. It must be noted that these are USA […]

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The fate of the bent cucumber!

A very interesting blog in (Pet eNews January 2 2018) mentions a study done by Drexel University. Debbie Phillips-Donaldson’s excellent article about the study shows a vivid example of how far we can go off course as an industry. Bloggers vilifying tripe as an ingredient for pet food; with pet food manufacturers concurring in their […]

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